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Pájaro Flor Community Language Center is an initiative of Suchitotenses for the Education and Development of Suchitoto


These Suchitotenses live in the city of Los Angeles California. When donations from Salvadoreans living abroad started to decline, we were concerned that the scholarship fund, which had supported many students through high school, would not be available for future bright students with financial limitations.


As a group, we decided to combine our strengths and launch an income generating project that would make the scholarship fund more secure. At the same time, we wanted to make Suchitoto a place where trained and capable young adults can find work.


We were tired of seeing our people move away to the capital or to the United States to find jobs. Pajaro Flor Community Language Center embodies these efforts to create opportunities for young people in Suchitoto. We pride ourselves on our ability to teach Spanish, share Salvadorean culture, all the while working towards the development of Suchitoto. Come join us!

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Program Structure

At the classroomPajaro Flor Community Language Center offers intensive Spanish instruction all year round, with optional short or long-term study. Students attend class five days a week for a minimum of four hours a day, and optional instruction during the afternoon or on weekends.

We offer one-on-one or small group classes, specially designed for each student or group. Students can request a focus on either grammar or conversation with the option of focusing on specific thematic areas according to the students particular area of study or work.

cooking at schoolWe also offer options of working in different local organizations so that   students not only put into practice their    Spanish, but also learn first hand about the        different initiatives in the area and contribute to promoting the development of Suchitoto and its surrounding communities.

We offer guided tours and trips for our students to nearby waterfalls, forests, mountains, volcanoes, historical sites, areas of cultural interest, and exchanges with local rural    communities.





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Prices One week (20 hours private instruction)= $160.00

Classes Custom classes (one on one hour private instruction)= $8.00

Group classes One teacher (one hour instruction, maximum three students) = $12.00